Friday, December 2, 2016

Welcome To Your New Home Saoirse

As most of you know my family and I have suffered some heart breaking losses back in October. First our old Dog Koda became ill and had to be put to sleep and then a short-time after our other dog Gabby unexpectedly became ill and was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure which we knew nothing about, especially because she recently had a major surgery and follow-up at our vet's office. Sadly we had to make the heart breaking decision to have her put to sleep because the Emergency Vet on call couldn't save her.

When Gabby passed away, our other little dog Capone, a Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund was beside himself with grief.  Last March Capone suffered from a Calcified Disc in his back that had ruptured rendering him paralyzed from the waist down.   The Vet said he wasn't in any pain and could function and live a happy life with the aid of a Doggy Cart, aka: Doggy Wheel Chair. She informed me that he couldn't urinate or defecate on his own and that I would not only have to stimulate him to move his bowels, but I would also have to Catheterize him several times a day, and that he may or may not get use of his legs again. I was in tears and told her I would do whatever I had to, I wasn't putting him down, which was a suggestion she had given me. I told her that I would do physical therapy and deep tissue massage on him and go from there.  She commended me because most would have made the decision to euthanize their pets if found in a similar situation.  I was shown how to properly catheterize him and sent home with a handful of different medications.  I was scared to death at the thought of having to do all of this for my beautiful little boy.

Long story short, and me coming from an Irish family, this isn't easy for me to do .  (Wink)  Capone regained full use of his legs and can now wag his tail, walk and run with a little bit of an awkward gate at times, he still can't urinate or defecate on his own, but I am hoping in time that will come back to normal as well.   I am so happy that all of my efforts paid off and he has made a full recovery.  It's amazing what love, patience, persistence and prayer can over come. 

Capone had been so depressed since Gabby had passed away, he would walk room-to-room whining, barking and looking for her every day.  I was in tears and dealing with my own grief, but to see this made it even harder to cope with.  The other dogs didn't seem to take it as hard as he had, he was raised with Gabby since he was 8-weeks old and slept with her every day, they were inseparable. When he had his paralyzes, she would lay next to him and watch over him, even groom him.  Not to say the others didn't know she was missing, they just didn't understand and seemed to get on with their lives. Capone wouldn't eat, didn't want to play and laid in Gabby's bed  for hours and whine and let out a sigh, it was pitiful.  I thought maybe I should get him a new buddy, maybe a kitten this time that he could bond with. After all, I already had 4-other dogs and didn't need another.  The other dogs play with Pony, that's his nickname that we call him, but they aren't attached at the hip like he and Gabby were, they are more independent and do their own things.

   Gabby keeping Capone company right after he became paralyzed. 

As a rescuer, foster, educator, Networker and rehab person for wild and domestic animals, I put the feelers out there for kittens that might be needing a home.  Can you believe I couldn't find one, how could this be? Normally I am getting calls constantly about kittens needing a home.  A month went by and I was told of an older cat, possibly 2-yrs old that was abandoned and needed a home.  She was taken to another Veterinarian that I know and was spayed and given all of her shots.  I was told she is skittish and they weren't sure of her background or if she had been around dogs or not, or even if she had ever been indoors.  I said I would think about it and get back to them.  Time passed and no kittens were coming up for adoption.  I made an appointment to see this cat, she was so scared, hissed and growled at me when I first held her, I got her to calm down and said I would give her a chance.  I had the option to bring her back if things didn't work out at home with her, Capone and the others. The Vet Tech told me she wasn't 2-yrs old but just 6-months old.  She's a black beauty with big emerald green eyes.  I was blessed that they also waived the adoption fee because they knew she would be going to a good home.  Again, long story short... she was a little bit pissy once home, swatting and growling not only at the dogs but towards me as well.  I do rehabilitation on animals, so I knew what to expect, not knowing her background, I just took it slow and on her terms letting her know I wasn't going to harm her.  Right now she has come a long way from the first day I brought her home on 11/02/16.  She purrs and will tolerate the dogs, but will give them a pop on their noses with her front paw if need be, she gives a fair warning without claws out.  Once in a while she will hiss or growl at me and then in a blink, stop and purr. I think she may be Bipolar, hahaha.   She's not overly affectionate but I think in time she will come around, after all she is so much farther along now than she was on day one.  

I named her Saoirse, which is an Irish girls name meaning Freedom.  Freedom because she was rescued by others and then placed in my care.  It's pronounced Seer-Sha if you are from Northern Ireland and Sair-Sha if you are from the Southern.  I say "Sair-Sha.  It was so cute having my 5-year
old Grandson Caleb keep asking me her name and how to pronounce it, he seems to have it down pat now.  Here she is sleeping, which she is a champion at doing.

Capone and Saoirse sleeping on the bed, not quite best friends yet, but getting there. Since she won't snuggle up to him, he figured the next best thing is his favorite toy.

My other fur babies. Gabby before she passed away, she's the Sheltie.  The two little white fur balls are sisters, Fiona and Jewel, AKA: Swiffer.  Capone is the Dachshund and Brody is the English Bulldog.

American Bulldog siblings. Koda on the left, he recently passed away and his sister Lily. She is still here and doing well for a 16-yr old girl.

Nicholas our 20-yr old Cockatiel, he loves riding on his bike, even though he can't peddle.  Gus' on the right, he's our 23-yr year old Black Masked Love Bird.  

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