Friday, December 2, 2016

Sweet Pepper Jelly Tarter Sauce

This came about because I didn't have any Sweet Pickles available in the house to make my home made tarter sauce.  I had seen a jar of my Sweet Pepper Jelly sitting on the shelf in my down stairs pantry and a light went off in my head.  I thought...."Well why not use this instead, the worst that can happen is it tastes awful and my family will let me know about it."  To all of our amazement and mine as well, it really is delicious and tastes great on fish or any other Sea Foods that you would use Tarter Sauce on, actually my family prefers this one over the traditional version.  Tad-ah! I had a winner on my hands.  I first used this on my Fried Cod Fish which you can find the recipe on here if you'd like to try that as well.

What You Will Need:
Medium Size Bowl
Table Spoon

1/2-Cup Sweet Pepper Jelly *Store bought is fine, just make sure it has All-Natural Ingredients.
1/2-Cup of All Natural Mayonnaise.

Mix the Sweet Pepper Jelly and Mayonnaise well in a medium size bowl. Serve over the fish.

Let me know how you like it.

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